Ph.D. in Software, Systems and Computing

Oral Communication in the Scientific and Technological Environment


Students will learn techniques for giving scientific or technical talks and presentations in the English language. They will be familiarized with several types of technical talks and the process of making a technical presentation.


This course will analyse the main features of oral communication in the realm of the scientific and technical world, be it in a professional and academic setting. The content of the course will be divided into three parts:

  1. Pre-speaking process: identifying the topic, the goal and the audience
  2. Preparing the oral presentation: main parts of an oral presentation (introduction, body and conclusions, how to organize the talk, use of visual aids, body language...)
  3. Delivering the talk: the art of speaking and listening, dealing with questions...)

Assessment Method

The students will have to prepare an oral presentation on a technical and/or scientific topic according to the criteria analysed in class, and will have to record themselves delivering it.


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