Ph.D. in Software, Systems and Computing

Experimentation Workshop


Contrary to common belief, scientific ideas are of little value. By contrast, scientific results have tremendous importance. The difference is that a result includes evidence of the correctness, relevance, or impact of the idea. How can you bridge the gap between ideas and results? This workshop will teach you how, in three main parts. First, it will classify the types of evidence, such as proofs, controlled experiments, and case studies. Second, it will help you to choose which type of evidence is appropriate for your research, including when assumptions and limitations are powerful assets and when they degrade your work. Third, you will learn how to design and perform effective experiments.

For session 2: Bring a description of an experiment that you have designed, along with preliminary results. We will discuss it in class.

Assessment Method

The grading will depend on the participation in the classroom and the assignments.


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