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IMDEA Software Institute Research Talks


The IMDEA Software Institute Research Talks cover a wide range of areas within computer science but they are all geared towards foundations, techniques and tools aimed at ensuring that correct software which meets functionality requirements can be constructed within resource constraints.

Talks will be given by either invited researchers or by researchers from the IMDEA Software Institute

Conferences lists will be updated in the following links (students can attend conferences from both lists towards this Seminar):

Assessment Method

Students must attend at least 10 talks. The grade will be based on the total number of talks attended. Students who attend 10 talks will be awarded a grade of 5, which will be increased proportionally depending on the number of attended talks (out of the total of talks offered up to 20 talks). Students will be asked to sign up at the entrance as proof of attendance. Students are expected to comply with the Institute's code of conduct and to follow the instructions given by Institute staff.

Students who are enrolled in one of the subjects of "Weekly Presentation Series" are only counted talks of "Invited Talks" section, as the talks of "Software Seminar Series" will be used to evaluate these subjects. In this case, it can not ensure that there are twenty talks of "Invited Talks" series during the academic year.




Talks will be announced to registered students as soon as they are confirmed and scheduled, from October to June. Some talks may be subject to rescheduling depending on travel conditions and other issues beyond the Institute's control. As we depend on invited researchers and their availability, the day and time of the talks could vary.

There is a cap on the number of attendees. Students wishing to attend this seminar should therefore register as soon as possible, as registration will be granted on a first come basis.



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