Ph.D. in Software, Systems and Computing

Introduction to the Scientific Method


This course should be construed as a question, plunging us into the spacetime dimensions in which that thing called science, imagined as a truth box, moves. Is it true? What is it?

Ignorance of the ride through ideas from here and there, from yesteryear, from yesterday and from today leads to disappointment and dogmas, some of which are very damaging. But above all, if we fail to take a walk through the forest of scientific ideas, we will miss out on the enjoyment of understanding where and why the trees and shrubs that make up that thing called science sprang up. All that we have been told about science are a few eternal, objective ideas fallen from the sky. Once again, we wonder, What is the scientific method?

Inquiry and reflection are the main resources of the course.

Assessment Method

The grading will depend on participation in the classroom and the writing of assignments.

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