Ph.D. in Software, Systems and Computing

Identifying Open Research Problems


Students will learn how to search for open research problems derived from a literature review, including their classification, assessment of their importance, and existing methods for starting to tackle identified problems.

It is harder to ask a research question than to answer one. Often-times, a large part of the contribution of a research project is the question that it asks or the way in which it addresses a topic. This workshop will investigate what makes a good research project. Even more importantly, it will teach you concrete brainstorming techniques for coming up with a good research idea.

It would be important for the workshop that students are already up to speed with some scientific topic (which they will search for research problems). As students are in their first year, if they don't know what their research topic is yet, maybe they can get some guidance from their advisors before the workshop, or use the topic from their undergraduate thesis for the purposes of the workshop.

For session 1, think about some research projects, presentations, or papers that have impressed you, as well as some that have not impressed you. Optionally, think about problems that you encounter in day-to-day programming; identifying issues there is good practice for doing so in other domains.

For session 2: Bring a 1- to 2-page write-up of a research idea. You will present it to the class for discussion. Be sure that it answers the questions in Heilmeier's catechism.

Assessment Method

The grading will depend on the participation in the classroom and the assignments.

Recommended Reading

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