The PhD in Software, Systems and Computing programme includes specialized seminar-based research training in the programme field.

The list of seminars shall be established every academic year in order to provide students with an academic offer that is open and aligned with the educational demands of the market and state of the technology at all times. These seminars will be taught by reputed specialists on particular topics, guest lecturers from both national and international higher education institutions, and occasionally, from companies conducting research.

The seminars scheduled to date for the current academic year are listed below; this provisional list will be updated with other seminar proposals throughout the year.

The specified seminar dates and times are tentative and subject to possible last-minute changes or cancellations due to guest lecturer scheduling issues.


This table shows the proposed Seminars for this Academic Year
Héctor Hernán
Héctor Hernán Human Development
20, 27 October

Subscription to Seminars:

To subscribe to the selected Seminars, please, complete all these fields (use only your UPM´s email):

Students should subscribe the Seminars at least 5 days in advance.

Students who would like to attend a seminar must register by using the form no later than five days before the start of the seminar.

Students are advised that they should attend at least one seminar per semester (on average). The number of seminars offered, and total number of seminar hours, shall vary each year depending on the availability of guest lecturers, although there shall be a guaranteed offer of at least 10 seminars per year. To pass a seminar, attendance is mandatory.