Research Poster Workshop

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You would like the whole world to know about your cool research, but you usually get just a brief moment of someone's time to capture their attention and convey its message. Are you up to the task? A research poster is great practice for other styles of technical presentation. This workshop will give you practical advice about what to do and not to do when creating and presenting a research poster.

Important: Please read the link under "Recommended Reading" below and bring three A4 (or A3 if you can) colour copies of a poster to the class, preferably a poster that you have done and that you have either not finished or are not very happy with. If you have never made a poster, bring three A4 (or A3) colour copies of any research poster you want (found on the web, of a colleague...) but be ready to present it and discuss it.

Assessment Method

The grading will depend on the attendance and participation in the classroom and the assignments.

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