Cognitive Accessibility and Easy-to-Read Methodology

  • LECTURER: María del Carmen Suárez de Figueroa


People with disabilities have the right to participate in all the activities in society, such as politics, education, work and culture, in the same way as other people. One of the ways to achieve this guarantee is to improve various accessibility aspects in materials and documents available in any of the aforementioned areas. On the other hand, the numbers of laws and regulations related to accessibility, at local, national and European levels, is continuously increasing. These rules explicitly mention the need for documents to be written in simple, plain, clear and direct language. This need is directly related to the creation of materials and documents following the guidelines included in the Easy-to-Read Methodology. This methodology provides guidelines and recommendations for writing texts and making materials that are easy to understand by people with reading comprehension difficulties.

Assessment Method

Attendance, participation and a short assignment

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  • 31 March, 15:00-18:00

Lecture Theatre

  • A-6305

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